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Monday, July 1, 2013


Phish's Summer Tour begins IN TWO DAYS! 

Phish Tour marks the official start of summer for us and we can't wait to see what our favorite band has cooking up! We'll be going to all three nights at SPAC, then driving back to Albany to catch a few zzz's, run service at the shop, and back up to Saratoga again (x3).

It's what we call our "Working Vacation", the only one we take all year. Last year, Nick famously worked/phished/went without sleep for 72 hours straight  when he was doing ALL of the overnight baking and lunch services. He/we'll still be working monster hours this week, but this is how we blow off steam, see our friends and get inspired, so it's worth it.
All that's left is to Surrender to the Flow.
Issue #37 STTF Cover by our friend & Troy Artist, Drew Suto

Surrender is featuring a very awesome article about us and other Phan owned restaurants/cafes/breweries around the country called "Phish Dish" in this issue, #37! Make plans to visit them all. 

(Big Congrats to our friend/editor Christy Articola for starting STTF, and continuing to collaborate with phans to push out issues every tour for 15 years!)

Look for issues on lot and in the shop, we've got 'em! Produced by phans, for phans and chock full of information you need to know On Tour.

Now, here's the big news:

We managed to secure a Pair of
Sunday Night Lawns 
to you dear AGB/Phish Phans!!
(thanks to DelSo Phanner, Andrew K., for hooking us up with extras!)

Here's what you gotta do:

1) Read Nick's one and only AGB blog post ("The Trinity")
that, of course, incorporates Phish (and beer, and bread).
optional, but a fun, quirky post if you want to learn more about
Nick and his, loves.

2) Legibly write down your name, email and phone number on a slip of paper

3) Come into the shop Friday or Saturday, 9am-3pm.
Buy something, anything, show us some love!
(Get a bonus free baked good if you can tell us what show 
is playing while you're in shop. We'll be priming!)
(closed Thursday for 4th of July)

4) Drop your slip in the Big Green Bowl

5) Wait on the call or email Saturday evening
(If we can't get a confirmation by 8pm,
we'll move to the next random winner)

6) Pick up your tickets 9am - NOON SUNDAY
(Please don't participate if you can't make the pickup or send a reliable proxy with verification they are picking up for you! 
We're leaving promptly at noon, don't be late.)

One entry per person, per day will be permitted. 
Increase your chances of winning with a visit
Friday AND Saturday! B will take entries at the Delmar Farmers Market, too.

That's it. 

This giveaway is geared towards rewarding all you Albany peeps who are equally passionate about AGB & Phish!!

If you've already got your tickets but still want to enter, we don't mind if you miracle somebody, just please don't re-sell (honor system, we trust ya).

Safe touring! Please help spread the word about AGB and other Phishy restaurants around the country. We love having a bunch of you in the shop and hope we'll see a lot of you while you're in town this week!

eat well, do good, enjoy yourself
Britin & Nick

ALBANY, NY 12209

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