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Monday, December 10, 2012

NY Flour Power

You have the power to help 
NY Grain Farmers & Bread Bakers 
return the Upsate to its former 
Breadbasket Glory!

 Join our 2013 Winter Season
Signup deadline is approaching:
December 23

When we started our first CSB season in 2010, there were 8 others in the USnow there are more than 30 US bakeries offering memberships. 
This way of doing business is helping Real Bread, neighborhood bakers and regional grain farmers thrive!

As a result, a larger quantity of
cleaner, locally-produced whole grains
are reaching the hands of bread artisans and the public.

Every Bread Share will use approximately
20 pounds
Non-GMO, Stoneground Whole Wheat & White
from Watertown, NY

Our loaves consist of Nick’s “Albany Starter” (Traditional French Rye Sourdough, now 1½ years old) or Red Star Yeast, Kosher Salt, Organic Canola or Olive Oil, Albany Tap Water, NCF Flours, Champlain Valley Milling Organic Hi-Gluten and Rye flours; sometimes organic molasses, barley malt syrup or Lloyd Spear Honey; and various high-quality specialty ingredients for featured loaves.

Membership provides you with a retail discount of 
$10 off one share, 
$20 off two, 
$30 off three.

Bread Shares are $110, Baked Good Shares are $90. 

(with signup by December 23, prorated shares after the season begins will be slightly less discounted)

Pickups, on Wednesdays from Noon-6pm, 
run Jaunuary 9-May 22, 2013 
(540 Delaware Ave., Albany)

We’re helping to bring Real Bread Back.
Boost New York’s Flour Power by
Pay by cash, check, and now all major credit cards!

Through Dec., add an extra $5 to all Gift Certificates $25+

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