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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Help a Family in Need Receive a Bread Share

Quick note: You may have noticed, we redesigned our blog!  Opinions please...

Now, for why you're here:
Nick and I feel passionately that All Good should not just be community supported, we should also help support our community.  We've been brainstorming some ways to bring our breads to people in Albany without affordable, convenient access to healthy, daily breads.  While we'd prefer to reach a large number of those in Capital Region food deserts right away, sometimes these ideas start small. We can begin with one family...and you can help. 

For every 13 new memberships we receive for the second half of our season, we will donate one bread share to a family in Albany without regular access to affordable, healthy foods. 

We have 13 weeks remaining in our first season, so every shareholder in each group of 13 will effectively sponsor one loaf of bread per week for a needy family, for the rest of the season.  Everyone deserves to eat food that won't damage their bodies.  Consuming whole grain flours (with germ) versus refined white flours (no fiber content), on a regular basis, fights diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and heart disease, and hypertension 

The 45 families who have joined us so far have enabled us to begin this community supported enterprise.  Becoming a shareholder in our CSB now will help you and All Good give back some of the bounty we all share.  The second half of our season begins next Wednesday, February 2nd, so this week is the right time to join.  Our website has all of our sign-up information (you can email us your order and deliver payment with your first pick-up if that will help make it more convenient).

The Hunger Action Network of NY cites a number of reasons some local people lack affordable, healthy food access; here are a few:
  • Not enough locally-grown, organic food
  • Lack of supermarkets in low-income neighborhoods and transportation to reach the ones that are nearest
  • Prices are high at convenience stores, people are forced to choose between food and fuel
  • Growing food costs money and requires skill
  • Programs often can't give perishables because distribution requires refrigeration, many people have health problems that prohibit them from consuming the canned fruits and vegetables they receive
  • Inability to use Food Stamps at buying clubs and most farmer's markets

We would like to take recommendations from you to nominate a family in need!  Maybe there's a family you know who wants to improve their organic grain consumption, but can't afford the cost increase?  We trust that you will choose carefully.  If we are unable to find a family this way, we will locate one (or more) through a reputable community program. 

We look forward to getting to know you if you decide to become a shareholder, and we thank you if, together, we are are able to help a family in our community achieve greater food security!

Your bakers,
Britin & Nick 

p.s. Flour update:  with the recent storms, Champlain Valley Milling is experiencing a bit of delay receiving their latest shipment of locally-grown flour (it is delivered by rail).  We were supposed to get the 100% NY White tomorrow, but it looks like that date has been pushed to Feb. 8.  We'll continue using the Greenmarket blend AP for now.  The Wheat flour we are using now is 90% NY-Grown, our Spelt is 100% from NY State.  We'll keep you posted on developments about the NY White.

Here's a drool-worthy photo of Nick's Focaccia (our Specialty Loaf today): 


  1. Congradulations on the growth & direction of your locally-baked products,& BRAVO on assisting a lucky family in need (how wonderful that they will taste your fabulous bread!)...Lynn (Herb's Herbs, Ravena)

  2. Thank you Lynn! We miss seeing you in beautiful New Baltimore.

  3. UPDATE: We have contacted the Catholic Charities (recommended by our first new member of the 1/2 season). A family from their Refugee Resettlement Program will be the first recipient of a donated bread share. One of our current shareholders generously offered to fully sponsor a membership on his own, so we are definitely able to help at least one family starting Feb 2! We'll post more details about this partnership later in the week.

    We currently have sold 2 new shares that will go towards helping a second family. Please spread the word to help us help at least one more! We appreciate your support. This could be just the beginning.

    Britin & Nick

  4. You guys rock! And kudos to the shareholder who donated a share for another family. Your business inspires people to live better... I'm so impressed by your hard work and the success that has resulted!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Thank you Niki! Friendly disclosure: Niki is a good friend of ours who has helped us get the word out, refine our CSB documents, and been a great person to bounce ideas off of. We couldn't do everything we're trying to accomplish without the support of friends, family and our greater community. One day we'll devote a post to Nick's mom, who has done more for us than we could ever probably adequately explain.

  6. Oh, and Niki's husband, Drew is the author of our logo!

  7. Another shareholder-family agreed yesterday to fully support another family-in-need for the rest of the season! Helping families in local food deserts is something we've wanted to do from the beginning, this is wonderful start. Thank you to all who are participating!

  8. UPDATE: We haven't reached 13 new shares yet (we do have 4 for which we're very grateful!) and we're baking now for this week's pickup.

    We want these 4 memberships (plus any new, pro-rated shares after this week that may be added) to count towards this project, so we're going to work it like this: Every new membership for the 1/2 season (including pro-rated shares) will sponsor 1 week of a bakery share for a local family.

    This way, since we didn't sign on a full group of 13 for the full 1/2 season, new shares will still count towards this initiative. The downside is that the chosen family won't receive their share for as long, but it's a good start, nonetheless! And we think this is the right way to honor what we set out to do. Let us know your thoughts.

    Hope you're staying warm!
    Britin (& Nick)