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Monday, December 13, 2010

Living La Vida Local

We haven't always been so fortunate as to bake with primarily local, organic ingredients.  We began our adventures educating ourselves about the importance of buying local foods for our family when we started baking for the St. James market several years ago.  Our relationships with customers, other vendors, friends and community members have informed our choice to go Local First.  For a long time, we've wanted to incorporate our personal purchasing practices into the bakery, but the availability of steady cash flow to live up to our ideals has always been a concern.

Starting our Community Supported Bakery has helped solve the issue.  We currently have 58 members, most of whom research and understand where their food comes from.  We happily publish our suppliers.  We strive for organic, but also use ingredients that are produced under organic, certified naturally grown & fair trade practices.

Here are some local businesses we partner with: 

Champlain Valley Milling in Westport NY: Organic Flours, some Local/Certified Naturally Grown
Meadowbrook Farms in Clarksville, NY: rGBH-free Milk, Buttermilk, half & half, cream and we are very excited to begin receiving LOCAL BUTTER from them as well (as available).  There is a buttery in Conestoga that supplies Meadowbrook, we're learning more about them. As a back-up, we use the unsalted European butter from the Honest Weight or Organic Valley.
Adirondack Farm in Fonda, NY: Organic Maple Syrup
Once Again Nut Butters, Nunda, NY - Peanut Butter (fair trade)
Eggs come from a local farm (either Otter Hook or Raven's Roost Farms, both in New Baltimore, or Meadowbrook/others depending on availability).  Eggs will always be free-range and organic or produced under organic practices.  Otter Hook & Raven's Roost use organic practices and their chickens are totally free-range.  OH also has a wonderful CSA & RR spins wool into amazing creations and produces high-quality lamb.
WestSoy: Organic Unsweetened Soymilk
Wholesome Sweeteners: Organic, Fair Trade Sugar from Paraguay
Spices & Yeast - Mike's Spice, Honest Weight Food Coop

Community Supported Bakery Shares are still available on a pro-rated basis through April 27, beginning at only $6.00 per week.  Please visit our website for more information about shares and links to our suppliers!

Your bakers,
Britin & Nick

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